WatchDutchMD DryBagger

€ 21,95
Artikelnummer: wdmd01220

WatchdutchMD DryBagger is a tender waterproof find bag. Especially for all your metal detector adventures on or in the water!

Product information:

This sustainable bag is made of PET bottles. The bag has two 6 liter compartments; one Drybag to store all your important items dry and a MESH compartment to store all your metal detection finds and treasures.


  • ECO Friendly incl. mesh box
  • Content: 6L
  • Material: RPET
  • Size47X27.5CM
  • Weight 0.137(kg)
  • Colour black Logo: White


Scope of supply:

- WatchDutchMD DryBagger with belt.

- Epic WatchDutchMD Flyer.

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