Hey Mackerels, 


What great to see you here! πŸ˜„


As you all know we have a great passion for history in all kind of ways. Especially WWII.

When we got some days off we're always on the road to go on new adventures or when we're at work we're always dreaming about our next adventure! 😜 


We've discover a lot of epic bunkers some with the most beautifull artworks in it and found really cool relics with the metal detector or magnet. If you're watching our video's you'll know there are quit a few of those finds. 


How our days look like is depending on what we'll do that day. 

  • Metal detecting on land or in rivers or the sea. 
  • Magnet fishing with a rope or a magnetstick. 
  • Exploring Bunkers and the story behind it.
  • Keep them rolling events with Stichting the able compagnie Rotterdam. 


We all really appreciate our viewers and subscribers! We would like to get to know you a little bit😁


So, may i ask you a few questions? 

When did you start watching our video's? Which adventures do you like the most? 

Are you from the Netherlands or are from some where else? 


I'm looking forward to what you'll share with us in the comment below. 


We want to thank you for all your love and support! 






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Hey Mackerel,


You all know we love to eat during our adventures. We cook the most crazy things at the most special locations: Hotdogs inside of bunkers, ostrich eggs beside the lake after magnet fishing, Gourmet in the forrest on the trunk of a car after metal detecting. Literally everywhere and everything. 


We appreciate you all a lot and like to involve you and interact with you guys! ♥


We would like you to tell us what we should cook next time! So be quick and leave a creative comment below.


NL: We willen graag van jou horen wat wij in de volgende aflevering moeten gaan koken. Dus laat snel hieronder een reactie achter met jou creatieve idee! 

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